Audi R8 V10 review: see how quick it really is...

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Mat’s got his hands on the Audi R8 V10 Performance!
It’s the most powerful version of the Audi R8 you can buy, and we have to say, it’s an absolute monster! With a 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 powering all four wheels, it’ll deliver 620hp and 580Nm, while also hitting 60mph in a claimed 3.1 seconds!
But of course, if this isn’t your first carwow review, then you’ll know that the claimed 60mph times aren’t always 100% correct. So what do you think - will Mat be able to hit it in under 3.1 seconds? Or will the winter roads prove to be his downfall?
You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:54 Price
01:51 Exterior Design
03:24 Interior
05:16 Boot
06:25 Five Annoying Features
08:20 Five Good Features
10:14 Engine
11:01 Drifting
12:05 0 - 60mph
14:08 Braking
14:32 Driving
17:19 Verdict
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Mat Watson Cars
Mat Watson Cars 2 månader sedan
Hi Mat here: which engine configuration do you think has the best sound?
Andrew Oats
Andrew Oats 18 dagar sedan
Flat plane v8
Drew S
Drew S 2 månader sedan
5.2l v8
YSoSerious 2 månader sedan
twin turbo v8
Tom 2 månader sedan
E46 CSL, straight 6 with that induction noise
Biswas k nair
Biswas k nair 2 månader sedan
6.5L naturally aspirated V12
Saksham Kachhwaha
Saksham Kachhwaha Dag sedan
He says im mat watson and i here Emma Watson
Olive Studios
Olive Studios 2 dagar sedan
The V10 on the 2007 M5 Ooffffff man
Red Pen
Red Pen 2 dagar sedan
Audi ? U mean passat ? What waste money
Njabulo France
Njabulo France 3 dagar sedan
R8 with a twin turbo upgrade. Lamborghini is boss though oem.
Njabulo France
Njabulo France 3 dagar sedan
R8 with a twin turbo upgrade. Lamborghini is boss though oem.
JT 3 dagar sedan
Why would you want adaptive cruise control with lane keeping assist on an R8? 🤔 wrong market for that feature
Anvar Paul Sh
Anvar Paul Sh 4 dagar sedan
Make a drag race to another cars
stephen tabley
stephen tabley 4 dagar sedan
You must be exhausted after that verbal diarrhoea-get an American accent and go over there-its their style !
Motheo Mbewe
Motheo Mbewe 4 dagar sedan
Oliver Friedman
Oliver Friedman 4 dagar sedan
Flat six
Roman Battan
Roman Battan 4 dagar sedan
I hate soft limiters. When I'm paying $140K+ for a car, I don't want the manufacturer telling me what I can and can't do. Annoying.
Melvin Mehmed
Melvin Mehmed 4 dagar sedan
the R8 for sure
Joey Villas
Joey Villas 4 dagar sedan
darryle darby is the reason why im here :)
Leon Klingler
Leon Klingler 5 dagar sedan
4.48😂 i hav an sq2 stock, and my best time was 3.98 sekonds 0-100kmh, i would say, my sq2 is a little stronger than 300hp (average i am doing 4.3 to 100kmh, but still 0.5 of a second faster than Audi says 😂) so i would say, an sq2 is a lot of fun, its light (just 1.5 tones, quatro, fast to 100 and also really practical, for switzerland where we have 120kmh mx speed, i think its the perfect car
Sagar Nagwanshi
Sagar Nagwanshi 7 dagar sedan
Im dying to even touch this car and here you are jumping all over it
SydneyPhotography2019 7 dagar sedan
Ooh looks fancy, I bet Tony Stark owns one of these cars.
Yabba Dabba Doo
Yabba Dabba Doo 7 dagar sedan
All super cars no matter what's posted on the Tacho, just reduce that by 90% for actual distance travelled.
Sheldon 7 dagar sedan
Soft limiters and electric handbrakes need to die.
Hammy Dogar
Hammy Dogar 7 dagar sedan
Plz review wraith
Mathew 8 dagar sedan
Unpopular opinion: Lamborghinis looks ugly as hell. I'd rather have this r8 than the huracan
Soha 8 dagar sedan
iron man car
Johan Lind
Johan Lind 8 dagar sedan
Trust a brit' never to be far from their flask of tea! (glove box is proper sized though!)
Shawn Massey
Shawn Massey 9 dagar sedan
The boring patio implicitly whisper because purple preoperatively grab modulo a makeshift captain. nondescript, abounding balance
A 1
A 1 10 dagar sedan
Huracan All They Way, It’s A Lambo.
Will Long
Will Long 10 dagar sedan
Best motor is the Mazda's 787B 4-rotor
Lenora u
Lenora u 11 dagar sedan
The disagreeable digital fundamentally preserve because coin superfamily ski pace a hapless drug. mushy, gaping maraca
Brendalis Hernandez
Brendalis Hernandez 11 dagar sedan
Shadow_ Wxrr1or
Shadow_ Wxrr1or 11 dagar sedan
R8 > Lambo
Jacob Hardman
Jacob Hardman 11 dagar sedan
Can you remove a soft limiter? 🤓. I’m looking to buy a Gen 2 or this facelift version.
Heath M
Heath M 12 dagar sedan
Audi every day.
Luweezy 13 dagar sedan
0:13 Oh noooo😱 That's my dream car..
Aryan M
Aryan M 13 dagar sedan
He was paid by Audi to compare it to a Huracan
RAHUL SINGH 14 dagar sedan
The side profile of the R8 in the thumbnail looks perfect. It's like it couldn't have looked any better from other angle..❤️
Amine Bouhayane
Amine Bouhayane 14 dagar sedan
CybreSmee 14 dagar sedan
So many damn ads, unwatchable.
Mrs. Chef
Mrs. Chef 14 dagar sedan
why this car hase no screen
misio pysio
misio pysio 14 dagar sedan
Regular car reviewers: Look at the beautiful car! Matt: Jumps on it, pokes it with a stick, gets into the luggage space.
光橙 15 dagar sedan
Really hope the R8 has a screen on the dashboard.
Gareth Walker
Gareth Walker 15 dagar sedan
Lamborghini all day
Imad Khan
Imad Khan 15 dagar sedan
lexus LFA
Mj Mathole
Mj Mathole 16 dagar sedan
Looks R8 But everything else LAMBO
The Guy Behind The Laptop
The Guy Behind The Laptop 16 dagar sedan
When is the audi r8 gone? i have heard that is going soon but when exactly? And if it is gone, would it be gone forever?
Nas Khairul
Nas Khairul 17 dagar sedan
Mat drag race this car against Acura NSX come on
TouchMCookie 17 dagar sedan
Man I like that is so sexy.
Sebastian Astill
Sebastian Astill 17 dagar sedan
Do you want a suv for over 400,000 or a super car that’s so cool for 300,000
Enes Yardım
Enes Yardım 18 dagar sedan
If ı work 1160 years in turkey ı can buy one of these r8
SiZzy 18 dagar sedan
Audi r8 is much more comfortable to drive than a huracane
Bahariawans 19 dagar sedan
My dream car
Michael Russell
Michael Russell 19 dagar sedan
OCD is just an excuse, it's bullshit......... If anyone had OCD it would be me due to the abuse I suffered at the hands of my father and a neighbour, plus being dyslexic. I don't have OCD
Yusuf Yıldırım
Yusuf Yıldırım 19 dagar sedan
Best supercar ! R8 !
Yungboii V2
Yungboii V2 20 dagar sedan
Dissapointed in the engine to be honest should be closer to 650 horse power
MUYDINOV U 20 dagar sedan
10:00 lol
Renu Singh
Renu Singh 20 dagar sedan
walker2006au 20 dagar sedan
I'd go the r8 over the huracan. The huracan is boxter of the lambos. I'll never afford either 😑
rolands50 21 dag sedan
Far from beautiful - those plastic stuck-on side-panels still look shite. It looks typical audi - slightly bland, clinical and lacking character. For truly beautiful design look at Jag or Aston-Martin...
Evan’s Show
Evan’s Show 21 dag sedan
Never liked this car never will do too small to me I like the rs7 I hope they make rs8 one day that would be sick a little bit bigger then rs7 wider and longer with maybe bigger engine that would be sick I love 4 doors sport cars I may go for the 2019 bmw m550i used they go for like 60k amazing price and 520 hp or something a little mod and will be 620hp in a safe way no damage to the engine they have mods where it can go little bit up and doesn’t affect the car depends on the car big engine you can get good amount of hp from a mod without any damage to the engine some small engine cars can’t get much maybe 60 to 80 hp small engine doesn’t handle mods that give big hp will definitely damage the engine so I think my next car will be bmw m550i with little bit mod and there I got amazing comfortable car with 620hp and just over all got little bit of everything I personally like the m550i better then m5 is much cheaper and got little bit of everything yes m5 you get better performance but you lose comfort that’s why I like the m550i you don’t lose comfort and still got preference let me know what you think even without mod the m550i got more then enough hp unless you want it to be a real beast but for me I don’t even race so I may not put a mod will see if it’s cheap will do it if it costs over 3k forget it not wasting money if it takes from engine life also won’t put a mod only time I’ll put a mod in a car is when it’s safe doesn’t affect the car at all
Am I On Mute?
Am I On Mute? 22 dagar sedan
defo have the r8 over the hurrican i own this car in roblox
Maor Zion
Maor Zion 22 dagar sedan
DAVOR VIDOVIC 22 dagar sedan
911 turbo S all day ,every day ✌️
Nanu Siri
Nanu Siri 22 dagar sedan
I think the Lexus lc500 looks better
Christos Konstantopoulos
Christos Konstantopoulos 23 dagar sedan
Cringy to get into the boot
Jaime L
Jaime L 23 dagar sedan
Yes Matt , The Lambo for looks and sound and the quality of skirts you’ll bang, you know it mate!😎 so go on do a vs with the huru evo on track highway city and front of pub..hehe
Anish Seeboo
Anish Seeboo 23 dagar sedan
Thunderbolt 24 dagar sedan
Lamborghini is lambo matt.. theres no comparison to r8.. lambo is a head turner..
Neguinhuuu 24 dagar sedan
R8 for me best car, always gonna be my favorite 😍
MUSIC IS LIFE 24 dagar sedan
Audi needs tonnes of improvement in interior of r8
Mussamil Mammuzz
Mussamil Mammuzz 25 dagar sedan
Old r8
Sharan Sn
Sharan Sn 26 dagar sedan
Audi R8 for sure🔥
nazmin nahar
nazmin nahar 26 dagar sedan
Cars are for everyone best car ever
dynamic pilot
dynamic pilot 27 dagar sedan
Wow. ,it's wonderfull
Vick Trehan
Vick Trehan 28 dagar sedan
I like Toyota Camry
Scott Walker
Scott Walker 28 dagar sedan
R8 is a new money big dick wannbe
Nashayal Thekalal
Nashayal Thekalal 28 dagar sedan
Audi straight 5
risk prosper
risk prosper 29 dagar sedan
The soft limiter a real pain :/
Chew Yan Chun
Chew Yan Chun 29 dagar sedan
Vito Andolini
Vito Andolini Månad sedan
NA V10 is the best composition for combustion engine. And the best are: 1) 4.8L V10 LFA 2) 5.7L V10 Carrera GT 3) 5L V10 M5 e60.
Ângelo filho !!!
Ângelo filho !!! Månad sedan
WintherKl Månad sedan
Wanker car!
Кизим Кизим
Кизим Кизим Månad sedan
sorry but I like huracan
Gabriel and sons plumbing
Gabriel and sons plumbing Månad sedan
They should make this car manual, I can't understand how they make powerful and nice cars like this and automatic.
I'm the greatest Ever
I'm the greatest Ever Månad sedan
Certainly the best Audi ever.
Jonathan Victor
Jonathan Victor Månad sedan
The intro was nice tho
Leela Krishnan
Leela Krishnan Månad sedan
Thank You carwow ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Månad sedan
Fantastic car but the only day I choose An Audi over a lamborghini is the 12th of never.
I'm the greatest Ever
I'm the greatest Ever Månad sedan
It's my dreammmmm
MJ Zoom
MJ Zoom Månad sedan
Lexus LFA kills the game and takes its ball home.
RustyNuts Månad sedan
Subaru is the best sounding car for me and then the Ducati 916. Bob bob bob bob bob
Yvonne Dioka
Yvonne Dioka Månad sedan
I pick the aventador
Precarious Deify
Precarious Deify Månad sedan
The annoyed target monthly phone because tomato dimensionally ask concerning a disagreeable wolf. thankful, tasteless slime
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman Månad sedan
Let me tell you how great the car is. While Audi help me out with a free car?
amarble Månad sedan
Currently have a Huracan EVO and came from a R8 V10 Plus (2017)... got to say, I miss the ease of driving the R8 much more due to visibility. Also a WAY better audio system in the R8. The Huracan's touch infotainment system also is a mess in my opinion. Million leagues below the MMI of the Audi.
theboss Månad sedan
V10s are the best engines. No one could change my mind.
Cole Månad sedan
D e l t a y o
D e l t a y o Månad sedan
yunlong ji
yunlong ji Månad sedan
R8 all day everyday
Time For Football
Time For Football Månad sedan
Lambo all day everyday!
Marty Nguyen
Marty Nguyen Månad sedan
if the R8 was a lot cheaper then for sure but nah huracan all the way
Nicholas Taylorson
Nicholas Taylorson Månad sedan
I think you need to educate yourself about ' green house gasses '. There is no such thing man. WAKE UP ! You've been brain washed. Plants use CO2 ! Green house keepers pump CO2 into green houses to make plants grow better not worse !
Hardy 1
Hardy 1 Månad sedan
Murcielago v12
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