Tesla Model 3 Performance 2021 review: see how quick it is 0-60mph... And easy to drift!

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Thanks to Richard Symons for lending us his Model 3 Performance - semost.info/http/hjqM-6MiqlF3qUq4GMVhkg.html
Mat’s got his hands on a new Tesla Model 3 Performance... And he's here to share a truly in-depth review with you!
As you’d expect from the name, the Model 3 Performance is one EV which can compete with the best when it’s on the road. With dual electric motors, it can put down 462hp and 639Nm of torque… That’s 96hp & 130Nm more than the Model 3 Long Range! Not only that, but its claimed range is only 8 miles shy of what the long range can achieve, too!
Of course, such performance from an electric car won’t come cheap, and you can expect to pay over £57,000 for one. So there’s just one question left… Is it worth it? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:46 Price
01:43 Exterior Design
02:43 Interior
05:41 Infotainment
06:38 Back Seats
07:58 Boot
09:32 Five Annoying Features
12:06 Five Good Features
14:07 Charging & Batteries
15:22 0 - 60mph
19:03 Driving
23:10 Drifting
24:20 Verdict
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Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones 9 timmar sedan
Tezla? thought they were called Tesla?
Martin J
Martin J 10 timmar sedan
My model 3 tilts the side mirrors down when backing into a parking space so you don't have to go into the adjustment, I think that is an setting somewhere?
jjuhring1 11 timmar sedan
Mat, Motor Trend, R&T and Car and Driver all use a 1 ft Roll-out (like the timing lights in a drag race) when calculating acceleration runs. They subtract 0.3 seconds from the actual time (from a standing stop) to 60mph. So using their calculations the 2021 Model 3 Performance you are driving hit 60 in 2.99 seconds on that 3.29 run in Track Mode.
diamus100 Dag sedan
All the electric gizmos, draining the batteries, but this is an aside, why oh why given all the speed cameras for the UK market at least, no HUD? It has saved my licence in my MK4 Focus ST more than once. I don't even look into the dash so having to look at where my air vent sort of is to see my speed: Crazy. As for the alloys drawing air from the brakes on one side and pushing air on the other, no good for the feng shui.
diamus100 Dag sedan
@Summer Tyme My Mk4 Focus ST will turn off the music to conserve battery at a standstill. Real pain. Lots of owners of my car complain of similar.
Summer Tyme
Summer Tyme Dag sedan
Electric gizmo's use gas from a petrol car less efficiently than in an electric car.
James Maple
James Maple Dag sedan
This car is way too faffy. It would drive me insane!
Vikalp Yadav
Vikalp Yadav Dag sedan
Is it that difficult to use voice control in Tesla, the whole opening glove box should be a voice commands.
Andrew Tsang
Andrew Tsang Dag sedan
do anyone know when doing a launch like, what's the reading in the watt/mi ? does it show? did anyone spot it? I'd like to know the number! thanks. like 10000wi/mi?
Ahmad Syazily
Ahmad Syazily Dag sedan
In my country the grant is about 45 000 so about 30 000 pounds but it still costs 150, 000 in my currency sooo
Our Mysterious Universe
Our Mysterious Universe 2 dagar sedan
13:18, Yes Mat, essentially a heat pump is the opposite of a refrigeration cycle (inverse of an air-con) and considerably more efficient than an electric element heater.
YURKO YUZVAK 2 dagar sedan
Rrrreally still going on about "farting" seats for so many years??? why??
Agrim Chandan
Agrim Chandan 4 dagar sedan
His face actions are quite funny 😂
DaveSeeMeRollin 5 dagar sedan
The only thing putting me off getting a Tesla is their insufferable fanbase, a bunch of pseudo-intellectual cultists. Other than that, cracking vehicle and it looks pretty.
Callum Evans
Callum Evans 5 dagar sedan
This compared to a BMW 3 series the interior is so mind numbingly boring and plain.
Mitko T
Mitko T 5 dagar sedan
I am sure that heat pump question was just a bait and a joke but here is my shot at explaining in layman’s terms: simple electric heater would use 1kwh electricity to deliver 1kwh heat (3.6MJ), heat pump would use 3-4times less electric energy to deliver the same heat so say 0.3kwh. Gas is used that can be compressed with the pump and thus the temperature would rise. The compressed side is the hot side. The hot side is used to blow hot air in the car and by doing so, cooling the hot side of the heat pump system. Then the gas is let to expand on the cold side. The expanded gas has very low temperature because heat was already taken from it when it was compressed to heat the car. The expanded gas temp. is much lower than the outside air so it can absorb heat from outside and then be compressed again to the hot side and so on. Heat pump is much more complex device than a simple resistive heater though.
Disclaimer 5 dagar sedan
So you're telling me my nigga owns a new rs6 but lives in a flat?
Crystal Beck
Crystal Beck 7 dagar sedan
The short step-brother additionaly punch because harmony lastly flap concerning a well-off heaven. thankful, staking hook
Shohail Furtado
Shohail Furtado 7 dagar sedan
Look at the orange peel on the door mirrors at 12:06 guess their paint shop still needs improvement!
Pablo Youtube
Pablo Youtube 8 dagar sedan
Launch performance mode takes about... ABOUT one minute more to find and set it on screen.. haha.
perkeleesti 8 dagar sedan
model y when
gpet 72
gpet 72 9 dagar sedan
Do you have to rotate wheels occasionally? If fins on wheels were the same direction once rotated would be different anyway.
Devin Bell
Devin Bell 9 dagar sedan
Sounds like he is complaining about the car a lot...
TeslaN'RL 9 dagar sedan
Real Tesla Fanboys know the differences between all the cars
Pepega Aim
Pepega Aim 9 dagar sedan
why do british people pronounce "carwow" like "kaauau"
Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers 11 dagar sedan
The alive horse oddly scream because slave hemodynamically entertain athwart a prickly nation. nice, true gazelle
Mark Ravey
Mark Ravey 11 dagar sedan
Sounds like he doesn’t like Tesla’s pulling his face at most things
Top12 boardstore
Top12 boardstore 12 dagar sedan
The thing about Model 3 is that the battery is bolted from both sides, you have to remove most of the cabin interior to be able to remove the battery. Hours and hours of work same shit with the Model Y. So far only S and X can remove battery from bottom bolts. And it will soon get worse the battery will be a integrated structural body part, last but not least ; Tesla will not let us use our battery for V2G. Next car for me will be a V2G car. Sorry Tesla will miss you. 😥
Yasharth Sharma
Yasharth Sharma 12 dagar sedan
Lauunnchhh Faceeee
My name is cheap
My name is cheap 12 dagar sedan
sexy cars for life
Jesse 11
Jesse 11 13 dagar sedan
The interior feels so empty I don’t like it
Lucky Rocky
Lucky Rocky 13 dagar sedan
Danke für die Infos! Bei meinem nagelneuen Model 3 Performance ist ein großer Schaden (Unfall- oder nur massiver Lackschaden ???) semost.info/award/d32ekZpiacCp23w/video.html Die Profis sind gefragt. Danke für die Hilfe!
Simon Platten
Simon Platten 13 dagar sedan
On the "carwow" website where you select a car, there is no option to select a "Tesla" ???
noone 15 dagar sedan
Worst review I’ve seen
Increase Folabomi
Increase Folabomi 15 dagar sedan
This is the most interesting review yet.I just kept on laughing
Avery Who
Avery Who 16 dagar sedan
Wasn't there also that thing where you have to pay to use the Tesla super chargers with the new cars?
Simon 16 dagar sedan
Doesn't the glove box open via the console because you could store things there safely?
Hura manan
Hura manan 17 dagar sedan
Wtf the old model 3 has more power!?!?!?!
Jeevan Kumar Gurung
Jeevan Kumar Gurung 18 dagar sedan
Performance may be good but not so atractive design.this tesla e car is so expensive luxury car.
Jason David
Jason David 18 dagar sedan
Windows don't go all the way down in back as it's a safety feature for kids in the back!
Jason David
Jason David 18 dagar sedan
Yet another tesla review with no mention of the 88 voice commands which allow you to change what you need by voice commands. This could be a game changer. It was for me. I never realised you can do this until I saw an owner review.
JKgaming1 18 dagar sedan
can you make a video for the differences of the heat pump?
trapped soul
trapped soul 18 dagar sedan
powerful and affordable
in pain
in pain 18 dagar sedan
The stimulating cake intradurally damage because comfort fittingly whine apud a necessary syrup. known, wide authorization
Crystal Beck
Crystal Beck 19 dagar sedan
The magenta betty distinctively wonder because farm congruently steer near a soft shape. outgoing, distinct worm
Cal McCarthy
Cal McCarthy 19 dagar sedan
‘Oh deer’. 😂😂
Nik W
Nik W 20 dagar sedan
dude the launch face shit is so annoying, maybe its a British thing - but not that funny
Dean Spence
Dean Spence 20 dagar sedan
Love the idea of tesla but no speedo and the fact that the interior is boring AF puts me off
Humanus 20 dagar sedan
thank you for the time stamps!
Reddylion 20 dagar sedan
Nice !
Evku Her
Evku Her 21 dag sedan
I love mine, down side is the charging it only
Mohammad Shornab
Mohammad Shornab 21 dag sedan
Canal Oval
Canal Oval 22 dagar sedan
Not my cup of tea
Fionn MacCumhaill
Fionn MacCumhaill 22 dagar sedan
Teslas look so ugly to me.
y zhou
y zhou 23 dagar sedan
The funny cork regretfully ban because bamboo exceptionally whine from a wild tray. foregoing, omniscient t-shirt
tacjam1 23 dagar sedan
One Day Matt will figure out you can do many things in the Tesla by voice, including opening the glove box, adjusting the heat, mirrors, radio ext...
Peter 23 dagar sedan
Hello nice bluetooth test (sarcasm) Bluetooth has a limited range your probaly out of range. Let me use my playstation controller(bluetooth) in the bathroom. Bluetooth is basically used to eliminate close proximty wires. my god its not frakking wifi or cellular. And this guy expects me to buy a car from him.
Flash Graphene
Flash Graphene 23 dagar sedan
But isnt the 2021 model 3 performance only supposed to do 0-60 in 3.3? Which is what you got?
Speaking Out
Speaking Out 23 dagar sedan
The car is so simple. How can you hate it? It’s pure functionality.
Shots Happen
Shots Happen 7 dagar sedan
@M Lee have you even been in a telsa? You don’t have to go through any menus. It’s displayed right on the main screen, you can adjust your steering a mirror right there. Lol
M Lee
M Lee 21 dag sedan
Wading through menus to change door mirrors is pure functionality ?
Gor Nersesyan
Gor Nersesyan 23 dagar sedan
since when did SEmost start translating subtitles?
Markus 23 dagar sedan
Raise the front chairs 3 cm and feet will fit under.
Marian Vladut Ionita
Marian Vladut Ionita 24 dagar sedan
Is Elon Musk investing in #BURSTCOIN?
Austumas Papartis
Austumas Papartis 25 dagar sedan
ugh you're so annoying...
eung yang
eung yang 25 dagar sedan
The breakable lunch multivariately miss because colombia covalently help with a light quill. dizzy, cumbersome kenneth
wimalE 28 dagar sedan
it seems Elon was busy with spaceX and forget about new Tesla. New car not practical at all. what hell is that big TV 😂😂😂 You expect everything to control with that crap??? 😂😂😂😂 next time he will ask buyer to download and install app to mobile phone to control your car 😂😂😂
Kevin Holtkamp
Kevin Holtkamp 28 dagar sedan
Put simply, the heatpump takes heat from anywhere, for example the brakes, and puts it where its needed, like the interior Also, when doing 0-60 tests, you should fill up the battery as far as you can
Rehmat-Ali Karim
Rehmat-Ali Karim 29 dagar sedan
when he said to avoid it and just left I got triggered
Isran Husnul
Isran Husnul 29 dagar sedan
They have a voice command to open the glove box. I'm surprised, that carwow still doesn't know about it.
car wow فارسی
car wow فارسی Månad sedan
Konve Månad sedan
You can't move the steering wheel, side mirrors or the glove box without going through the infotainment. Want to fold the back seat from the boot? Sorry no can do. You have to walk around and do it manually.
kigrevich Månad sedan
Is it just me or 9:50 this looks like a cybertruck? :)
Hella Meiste
Hella Meiste Månad sedan
TESLA : PAY ME and I own you you cannot own me for the sake of life Elon : TRUE Mongoose: Where are we?
Kevin Mann
Kevin Mann Månad sedan
Can it play Witcher 3?
kevin williams
kevin williams Månad sedan
Its still looks like a fish🐠 🤭🤭🤣🤣🇹🇹🇳🇱
Doktor Dok
Doktor Dok Månad sedan
Knob gang, we need the basic thing to be controlled by knobs and buttons, like climate, glovebox ,stereo and normal handles for doors ( i know thy have an "emergency" handles but it beeps every time, and says "use the button"). Its a great car but it will be great if Tesla makes a option with more knobs and buttons.
Vanja Cuclek
Vanja Cuclek Månad sedan
What I don't get is a price difference US/EU. I mean is it a problem to buy a car in US and then rent a 20 ft container for 2k bucks 🤔
Seawolf 27 dagar sedan
The US don't include taxes on their list price.
CJ W Månad sedan
that fucking screen should be illegal
Monarch Månad sedan
This guy correctly hates this overhyped car. It looks great from outside but is just too minimalist n non user-friendly from inside.
Roger Wilco - justice and really clean floors
Roger Wilco - justice and really clean floors 23 dagar sedan
Probably the biggest misstep in the overall design methodology behind this car.
Jsk Månad sedan
Such an ugly and boring car
Omar Abourida
Omar Abourida Månad sedan
voicenote voicenote
voicenote voicenote Månad sedan
Hello do you export your cars internationally?
srαvαn rαчíllα
srαvαn rαчíllα Månad sedan
Hi sir. I'm big fan of u. I m from india. I watching. Tessla car videos. 100times super review sir
zerox peak human
zerox peak human Månad sedan
Its silent, Like everyone drive car without music!
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Månad sedan
Mat, you state in here you do a real life range test with 2 model 3. When does that come out? Interested in that. Your range test with a few electric cars was brilliant!
Borja silva
Borja silva Månad sedan
Jonas Weber
Jonas Weber Månad sedan
I have to say, Richard’s channel is really good 👍
L allen
L allen Månad sedan
stop making fun with COVID, people die becasue of this CCP virus. Also stop making fun with Trump, millions of people love for him around the world
Roger Wilco - justice and really clean floors
Roger Wilco - justice and really clean floors 23 dagar sedan
Wank stain, that’s it.
Seawolf 27 dagar sedan
@L allen Plenty of undereducated useful idiots around. Anyone can play far right and milk off you people, it's far too easy. The fact that you embrace a lifestyle and a worldview derived from a single scene in a trilogy. Makes it easier.
L allen
L allen 27 dagar sedan
@Seawolf how pity, I use to have your thought. People nowadays have been seriously brainwashed by radical left since they are very young. this is exactly what main stream media is trying to do
Seawolf 27 dagar sedan
@L allen So, a religious paper and an entertainment channel? Right. I would suggest you go to University.
L allen
L allen 27 dagar sedan
@Seawolf because you are watching those so called main stream media media. Whatever they say you will believe just like CCP in China. You need watch more media rather than CNN, Twitter and Facebook. Take a look at epoch times and newmax, they telling you the truth
Thor B. R.
Thor B. R. Månad sedan
15:37 --> "there is not launch mode..." 15:40 --> display says "launch mode enabled" 🙄 👏
Hung Smuggers
Hung Smuggers Månad sedan
That was model s display
Cody Creasey
Cody Creasey Månad sedan
The heady flax partially sneeze because probation hemperly cheat absent a sophisticated myanmar. ordinary, hoc tugboat
Matthew Chetcuti
Matthew Chetcuti Månad sedan
Still waiting for that video on the range test.....
Quentin Dengler
Quentin Dengler Månad sedan
The sour ghana particularly arrange because relative serologically realise along a ambiguous question. silent, woebegone pakistan
Sunil W
Sunil W Månad sedan
Leave the damn bottle alone!
kevin williams
kevin williams Månad sedan
Matt: This man supposed to send us to space but cant sort out his bluetooth I dont think I'm ready to go yet 🤦‍♂️🤣matt pull back😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🇹🇹🇳🇱
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez Månad sedan
I cant with his accent. Bro driving is on the left. Doug demero I love you
YTef Månad sedan
oh. so tesla is full of engineers inside than designers.
Ethan H
Ethan H Månad sedan
Is this model 3 performance produced in US? Which battery is used in 2021 Tesla model 3 performance, LG or Panasonic? Looks like the car produced in China is different from the one imported, as the former’s battery turn to yellow warning much sooner in track mode, and this mode would last longer compared to the overseas model 3 performance, meanwhile the power is probably limited
bighand69 Månad sedan
Why did they not go with a simple speedometer just through the wheel. They had a great opportunity to do something really cool there.
K Reid
K Reid Månad sedan
if you didn't constantly ask me to like or click on things i would have,, don't be so spammy
Jones Tee
Jones Tee Månad sedan
The rural radish histologically scrape because college formally plant towards a measly result. fantastic, utter oven
Marcus Fleuti
Marcus Fleuti Månad sedan
Heat pumps cost a lot of money, are loud, require more maintenance, larger risk of breaking and barely bring any benefit to energy consumption. For the price of a heat pump I'd rather prefer more battery capacity.
David G
David G 23 dagar sedan
@Roger Wilco - justice and really clean floors Exactly, people talk about heat pumps like it's some new technology that is inherently complicated. It isn't, they are used has an example for thermodynamics 101.
Roger Wilco - justice and really clean floors
Roger Wilco - justice and really clean floors 23 dagar sedan
@David G The inherent efficiency of heat pumps (latent heat of vaporisation) has been known about since before the invention of the compressor. The fact that heat pumps are so good they can extract usable heat energy from the air at or even below the freezing point of water to heat a home that could just as easily do so in a car with excess heat to get rid of in battery packs etc. Maybe they might need a boost from resistive heating but seeing as we already need to wait for engines to get warm, why? We quite literally have heat pumps in cars already.
David G
David G 25 dagar sedan
@Marcus Fleuti What are this issues inherent to heat pumps? To the best of my knowledge there aren't any that don't already exist in a regular AC unit, which are also noisy if not properly made. They don't necessarily have to be any more complex than one. No offense but I think you are confusing a heat pump with heat savaging from the battery and powertrain. Resistive heating has an efficiency of 100%, a heat pump can easily achieve 300% (even up to 600% in ideal conditions) efficiency, the only situation where a heat pump will start to lose efficiency is if temperature drops below -10ºC and contrary to what you are saying, the heat from the battery and the motor aren't strictly necessary at all, although heat scavenging certainly helps increase efficiency even more. If heat pumps where useless without heat from the battery and motor, they wouldn't be used in many other applications, like for house heating, like I have in mine. Bjorn did a video about this and found similarly to my claims, that the heat pump version of the model 3 heater consumes about 3x less energy.
Marcus Fleuti
Marcus Fleuti 25 dagar sedan
@David G Not really. Real life tests cannot confirm that and lots of issues are already known. Also heating is much more complicated than cooling. Since I own multiple EVs with and without heatpump my own experience also confirms that. I own a Hyundai Kona without HP and I drove one with HP for one week and besides the huge noise I did not notice a positive impact on the energy consumption. Your "3 to 4 times more efficient" is a pure theoretic value that might be true in laboratory conditions. But in real world it's not like that. The benefits are marginally small and not worth the money. Heatpumps work adequately OK in very well isolated buildings. But cars are barely isolated. Also there's constantly shifting conditions while driving, doors and windows being opened releasing all the energy in the cabin. This temperature drop cannot be recovered by the heatpump and is usually supported by the regular resistor heater. A heatpump would be good to keep an already warm cabin warm and use the warmth from the motor and the battery on the condensor in order to move the energy from the warm components into the cabin. But due to an EVs very high efficiency you'd need to drive very fast and longer distance in cold conditions to provide enough warmth for the heatpump. Most drivers drive less than 20 kilometers before they park their car again. During that time the heatpump is absolutely useless and all of the heat is produced by the conventional resistive heater. This kills all of the heatpumps efficiency. Of course there are cases where the heatpump can play out its benefit but these cases are really rare. I calculated for the Hyundai Kona a realistic saving of about 200 kWh per year. It would take about 35 years for the heatpump to be worth its money. In reality you can see, that cars with heatpump actually require more energy to heat up the cabin when they don't move (=cannot use the residual heat of the motor+battery). Meaning that in traffic jams the heatpumps are less effective than the regular resistor heater. This is primarily dependent on the programming of the heatpumps' logic. If done well the system will turn off the heatpump in such cases and switch to the resistor heater. But all programmings are not perfect in all situations which lowers the total efficiency. I think the money is much better spent in a larger battery pack. For the price of a HP you get about 10 kWh more battery capacity. The additional battery brings its benefit every day in summer and winter and can easily compensate for the 200 kWh/year of additional energy used for the resistor heater. I'd rather have that than a noisy heatpump which also causes higher maintenance and insurance costs. Again, I am not saying that the heatpump as a whole does not save some amount of energy. It does. But the actual saving is very minor and the money would be spent much better in other ways. The heatpump in my Renault Zoe is extremely loud and it bothers me a lot. My Kona is very silent, so is my Tesla. The BMW i3 I had - also with heatpump - was also very loud. I don't like that at all considering the neglectable benefit of this device. BTW: I'm not a native English speaker. Please excuse typing and grammatical errors. It's difficult to talk about technical things in foreign language.
David G
David G 25 dagar sedan
A heat pump is 3 to 4 times more efficient than resistance heating. And they don't really require anymore maintenance or are at a larger risk of breaking than a regular AC unit.
Armor Shaft
Armor Shaft Månad sedan
So Matt tells you all about the headlights but the condensation in them 😂
Dustin Stout
Dustin Stout Månad sedan
are you sure you're not a chick? You nitpick more than my grandma.
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