The 15 greatest AMG cars!
Leonardo Cilento
Leonardo Cilento 2 timmar sedan
Not the best drag race, those 3 cars were from different categories, the Ferrari 812 is an rwd gt, the lambo is awd but it's a track car, it has a lot of downforce, and the porsche is a awd sport car
get out ma bush
get out ma bush 2 timmar sedan
Just me who sees on audi back says 4.0 tfsi?...
Christopher Martin
Christopher Martin 2 timmar sedan
Supras are like buses... you wait ages for one, then 3 come along together. I'll take the new 3 litre one please, if you're really giving them away
Lee McDonagh
Lee McDonagh 2 timmar sedan
I know it's an auto, but I would still take the mk4 Supra. Just legendary (but better if it was a manual). Kept the imposters honest as well.
LULHU Ali 2 timmar sedan
baxter samp
baxter samp 2 timmar sedan
porsche win!
Raashid Mohammed
Raashid Mohammed 2 timmar sedan
Yo did Hyundai just made carwow stocks drop or what?
wird klap
wird klap 2 timmar sedan
Did he just say orange paint? That clearly is red
Oscar Jones
Oscar Jones 2 timmar sedan
When you doing the drag race with jackmcneil?
Brian Steele
Brian Steele 2 timmar sedan
Hopefully the price of 7.5s will cone down. I wonder if you can leave the car on the drift / rear wheel bias mode for a normal b road blast or is there a speed limit for that mode?
Mohd supra trd
Mohd supra trd 2 timmar sedan
Still make 4 supra win old car
Kriger X.
Kriger X. 2 timmar sedan
I call a rematch on all three Supra on a dry day
Mr R.K. Khan
Mr R.K. Khan 2 timmar sedan
Unsubscribed... terrible review... 100%bias... Hyundai makes significantly more captivating designs than Audi, BMW and Mercedes etc... Some people just won't accept that...👎
Anish Patel
Anish Patel 2 timmar sedan
Toyota sounds best
Dewan Tausif Yar Chowdhury
Dewan Tausif Yar Chowdhury 2 timmar sedan
New cars are for losers!!!
Eddie G
Eddie G 2 timmar sedan
Hyundai is knocking it out of the park!! This suv is EXCELLENT!
Pedro Akira Miyano
Pedro Akira Miyano 2 timmar sedan
14000 likes cannot be wrong. Mat never hold back your opinions.
강도원 2 timmar sedan
I am Korean. But as a fan of car, this review is really disappointing. It's good to point out the design. But I think that the part about copy is a bit billy. I read a comment and many people thought so. I am not here to ask you to revise this review, but I would like to give you an explanation for this review.
Dapapunaratra 2 timmar sedan
porsche is too strong, even the lambo already "surrender" by ONLY looks for ferrari during race. no compete.
Rajat 2 timmar sedan
Which car would I have The porche is the cheapest of the 3 and the best performer but I'll still choose the Lamborghini SVJ
Ilham Saefulloh
Ilham Saefulloh 2 timmar sedan
New supra it's not a supra , this is BMW
Max Ray
Max Ray 2 timmar sedan
LMFAO! 27k lbs??? In america they run about 100k USD
Rajesh Chandrakumar
Rajesh Chandrakumar 2 timmar sedan
Porsche dusted other twos
edson maleiane
edson maleiane 2 timmar sedan
The new Supra is just an BMW!
Evert Blink
Evert Blink 2 timmar sedan
Mat, if you can't be bothered to do an honest, non-biased review, then don't. It doesn't become you.
Popalone Styki
Popalone Styki 2 timmar sedan
Where and why did you find a stock supra😂
John Dean
John Dean 2 timmar sedan
Waste of time shooting that video in the wet.
utemkes 2 timmar sedan
Supra overrated car, idc what everyone says
Simeon Valenti
Simeon Valenti 2 timmar sedan
Ugly, heavy, expensive. No thanks Audi.
Deano FNM
Deano FNM 2 timmar sedan
Deon Reddy
Deon Reddy 2 timmar sedan
S P 2 timmar sedan
WHAT a terrible review!!!! YOU FORGOT TO MENTION that TUCSON has 4 wheels like the FLINTSTONES car! If you want to point out some cons you could mention - the wrong position of its blinkers which are placed very low despite the fact the car has so big tail lights... - the glossy plastic surfaces and buttons that are prone to dust and scratches. - the lack of a spare wheel. - the narrow gaps on the streering wheel etc. Yet the fact remains that this car is way better than many of its rivals, like the NEW FORD KUGA considering the more powerful 180 Hp engine and its all-around 5 year warranty that all come in a lower price!
ΞGoDzBullΞ 2 timmar sedan
Yeah the Demon is depressing 😂 but it was the condition whew 😅
24K - J
24K - J 2 timmar sedan
Wheres the mk4 3.0 twin turbo manual (i.e a proper Supra) ????? Shame on you guys 🤦🏼‍♂️🤯
Yusuf Yasin
Yusuf Yasin 2 timmar sedan
Kurang ganas ngebejek gasnya bang 🤣
Denis Lungu
Denis Lungu 2 timmar sedan
If they take a mk4 with manual v161 gettrag gearbox , new supra suckkk
Joskar Beltre
Joskar Beltre 2 timmar sedan
Find a Manual MK4 🔥🔥🔥😂
24K - J
24K - J 2 timmar sedan
Track crew, heros ? Are they doing it for free ? Plenty folk out working in the cold and they arent "heros" Ffs.
Emre B
Emre B 2 timmar sedan
You should definetly make a drag race where you drive the same model with the same engines but one being rwd and the other one 4wd. For example the Audi R8.
gouldarr 2 timmar sedan
1:47 im dead 🤣
John 2 timmar sedan
Not sold in the USA anymore unfortunately
Lukasz Matwiejczyk
Lukasz Matwiejczyk 2 timmar sedan
Mat could you do the episode about synthetic fuel which Porsche want to bring in 2022 as cuts down the emissions of co2 and heavy metals by 85% which make total output of Carbon at the same level as Eletric car. Mean from the production point to the running on the road. All petrol heads would appreciate it as it can be used in all modern cars. Pls pls pls
Joskar Beltre
Joskar Beltre 2 timmar sedan
Hey do a Semi Trucks Carrer But American Kenworth Mack Freightliner
Yerann Flow03
Yerann Flow03 2 timmar sedan
Supra mk4 1000hp
KENNETH lym 2 timmar sedan
Keazy Keys
Keazy Keys 2 timmar sedan
Quatro is just crazy. bmw if you just hold break without launch it is highly that its gonna start of with 2nd gear
Ja Nandez
Ja Nandez 2 timmar sedan
Wow...Supra Drag Race-1 day of being upload, 1.3 million views hahaha
waleed hassan
waleed hassan 2 timmar sedan
The old Supra everytime !
Milos Tutunovic
Milos Tutunovic 2 timmar sedan
No one: Matt:This piece of aluminum it's a bloody copy that
Callbrin 2 timmar sedan
if the 90s supra was manual theres a good chance it could've b eaten the 4cyl supra
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 2 timmar sedan
Stock supra where the fuck did you find that
Ambientium Infinitium
Ambientium Infinitium 2 timmar sedan
too bad that top 15 most reliable cars could also be the top 15 most ugly cars with absolutely no soul or design...
I digress
I digress 2 timmar sedan
For a moment I thought you were wearing a "This Old Tony" top - in a Rolls! That would have been cool.
JF vlogs
JF vlogs 2 timmar sedan
The rs6 colour gives me a minty feeling
Zeeshan Khan Pianist
Zeeshan Khan Pianist 2 timmar sedan
Amthal Hussam
Amthal Hussam 2 timmar sedan
شكد دافعيلك حتى تسقط بالسيارة😂😂 بس هية صدك قديمة
Anush Sewchurn
Anush Sewchurn 2 timmar sedan
mitsubishi evo x mr vs gsr <3
Anush Sewchurn
Anush Sewchurn 2 timmar sedan
DRAG RACE mitsubishi evo x mr vs gsr <3
Farhan. A
Farhan. A 2 timmar sedan
It's a car form the 90s, and it's still able to compete with the newer version. The problem with the supra it's the automatic transmission, the bmw had a better transmission
POB108 2 timmar sedan
A red stock Supra? Save that for me You engine and body modders get out
Leonidae 2 timmar sedan
American muscle: Ambitious but rubbish.
tanay gaming show
tanay gaming show 2 timmar sedan
Nguyễn Văn Dũng
Nguyễn Văn Dũng 2 timmar sedan
Ae thích xe Hàn ko biết có vào đây xem Carrow trải nghiệm ko
Mxolisi Eagle
Mxolisi Eagle 3 timmar sedan
BMW 3-Series
HANN 3 timmar sedan
*Is ThAt A sUpRa!?!*
Женя 3 timmar sedan
Ты точно всё в карманы положил?)) Ничего не забыл?)
RYAN T 3 timmar sedan
Price difference?
Andrea Licatalosi
Andrea Licatalosi 3 timmar sedan
2jz with only 300hp it's a crime😔
CarFans 3 timmar sedan
1990's: I'll have the Supra Now: I'll have the Yaris (GR)
Lachlan Power
Lachlan Power 3 timmar sedan
Me when my teacher asks a question 6:08
Daniel Choi
Daniel Choi 3 timmar sedan
Sinakho Bhengu
Sinakho Bhengu 3 timmar sedan
Mk4 supra fans be like nO fAIR gEt a sToCk mK4 sUpRa wItH 1000hP nOt tHiS dE-tUnEd vErsIoN
Liza Khaladakham
Liza Khaladakham 3 timmar sedan
We all know the 2jz is the better one
M̶o̶h̶s̶i̶n̶ ̶ A̶l̶i̶
M̶o̶h̶s̶i̶n̶ ̶ A̶l̶i̶ 3 timmar sedan
Looks Solid
Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye 3 timmar sedan
We need that guy who says like "Is that a Suuuuuuuupraaaaaaaaa! # 🙇
Aldo G Moreno
Aldo G Moreno 3 timmar sedan
Automatic? Go fog yourself, Matt.
Brent Shaw
Brent Shaw 3 timmar sedan
Just buy yourself a new corvette C8
Dila Darkstar
Dila Darkstar 3 timmar sedan
Do an iconic R34 Vspec GTR vs. Supra MK4...WOULD BE Bananas!!
Evangelos Kantianis
Evangelos Kantianis 3 timmar sedan
Too much fun old boy, too much.
wan syazwan
wan syazwan 3 timmar sedan
2JZed rules. Tbh, it pass the test of time. Still relevant. Please do a full custom 2JZed Supra with those 2 new one.
Mike Balls
Mike Balls 3 timmar sedan
Crying shame how this BMW Toyota wears the iconic Supra Badge..